What membership is...

To be a member of a community is to be committed to being part of something. If you see yourself as part of Downfield Mains we want you to know you are valued and have an opportunity to engage. Engagement is what makes you a member of our body.

At Downfield we are concerned about how the Bible defines engagement. To be a member of the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ can be seen through the story of its inception as recorded in the Book of Acts 2:40-47. This portion of scripture outlines a relational approach to community which provides the biblical framework for the church.

In relationship people received the gospel of Jesus Christ with gladness. (v. 41). Then followers relationally submitted themselves to the equipping ministry and pastoral oversight of a leadership team (v. 42). All the while, engaged with the other members in frequent fellowship, communion and prayer (v. 42).

We also see the early church were relationally connected their heart to what the Holy Spirit was doing in their midst by the giving of their treasure, which was their time, talents and financial resources. (2:43-46)

As members of the church, they had a common unity through their covenant and commitment to Jesus. Consequently, they walked in God’s divine favour and the Lord ‘added daily to the church those who were being saved.’ (2:46)

What membership isn't...

Church membership or adherence is not like membership in a social/golf club or other organisations. Most organisation members are ‘consumers’ – the organisation exists to serve them.

The Church of Jesus Christ is a completely different community – membership means ministry and service, going from being a consumer to becoming a provider of God’s love and care to others. We understand there is a dynamic tension between what it means to be a ‘member’ of the body of Christ and a member of a local congregation. At Downfield Mains, we take seriously that we are a church not for ourselves, but for Jesus Christ and others (Romans 14:7).
Join our body.

STEP 1 – Meet with the minister, formally or informally over a cup of coffee to talk about Downfield Mains. Fill out an adherence form (this will put you on our list…its that simple). If you have prior Church of Scotland membership, just transfer your lines to DMC. This can be done through seeing Depute Session Clerk Brenda Dein

STEP 2 – Join a ministry and start engaging in the DMC community through a small group or one of the ministries in the Church. or 07979 939092

STEP 3 – Be Baptised. We encourage you to be baptised if you have not been. More questions? Contact Pastor Nathan.

You will also find more information about baptism through our quick links at the bottom of the page.