At Downfield Mains, we value marriage as instituted by God. We see in scripture that Christian marriage is a union between a man and a woman and is reflective of God’s covenant of love with us (Ephesians 5).

Our desire is to come alongside you as you learn more about what it takes to build a successful marriage before you say, “I do.”

Our counselling is designed to challenge, strengthen, and prepare you for a strong, Christ-like relationship with your future spouse. We believe that marriage is the second most important decision you will ever make—second only to your decision to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior—therefore, we want to help you be prepared biblically.

It is our heart’s desire to come alongside and serve you as we teach you about love and marriage as God created it to be.

You may have some questions and we wanted to provide some answers.

Q: Why should I come to the Premarital Sessions?

A: Proverbs 4:5-8 says “Get wisdom and understanding. Don’t forget or ignore my words. Hold on to wisdom, and it will take care of you. Love it, and it will keep you safe. Wisdom is the most important thing; so get wisdom. If it costs everything you have, get understanding. Treasure wisdom, and it will make you great; hold onto it, and it will bring you honour.”

Do you ever stop and consider from whom you get advice? Our couselling will provide you with practical application about biblical marriage which you can immediately put into practice.

Q: Isn’t spending time together the best way to get to know each other?

A: The truth is, time spent together doesn’t necessarily equate to time well spent. If you’re like most people, you prepare and plan for many things in life: education, career, retirement and holidays. In fact, most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding; but very little time, if any, is planned for married life. Make sure you are placing a higher priority on building a lifelong marriage by investing in your relationship before your wedding day. Spending just a few hours a week learning the spiritual principles that guide good marriages will reap rewards for many years to come. We have included a DMC PDF in-depth question guide for you and your future spouse to do together. We hope it will spark some helpful discussions.

Q: When and where are the sessions held?

These locations and details are arranged with the minister.

If you would like more information about weddings in Downfield Mains Parish Church, please contact us at

Together we pray your day is a very special and blessed one!