Baptisms & Dedications

As part of our community at Downfield Mains, we pray you would take seriously the command of Jesus to be baptised. If you are interested for a child or yourself, or have any questions regarding baptism/christening or dedication, please contact us at: 07979 939092. 

Does water baptism signify faith in Jesus Christ?
The answer is Yes! In baptism, we participate in Jesus’ death and resurrection and are bound to Him through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Exercising the faith given to us, baptism reminds us that Jesus Christ gave us eternal life on the Cross. By proxy, He gives us  power to walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:4-5). So today for the Presbyterian, baptism is much more than just a symbol or a reminder.  This is because baptism is the visible sign of obedience to faith and a sacrament of God’s Covenant of grace to His people.

So you may ask, ‘Why does the Church of Scotland put water on infants?’
Often children, witness to the truth that God’s love claims people before they are able to respond in faith (Eph. 1:4; 1 Peter 1:20). We believe God is at work in us long before we are aware of what He is doing in us. Baptism thus speaks more directly to the character of God, over and above man’s ability to do the responding (which is highly regarded in modern culture). Water is administered to both adults and infants as the sign and seal of the promise that righteousness will be given ‘if’ and ‘when’ they place their faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 10:20-48).

Can I have my child baptised at DMC if I don’t attend on a regular basis?                                                                                          The Church is God’s family and we believe that you should come to church weekly so that you grow deeper in Christian faith before engaging with the sacrament of baptism. Baptism is not a ritual or a right of passage, or even a way for your child to have salvation. It is a sacred moment in which you dedicate your child to God. At DMC we will only baptise your child if you have been a regular attender for at least six months. We feel this time allows you to grow as a disciple (someone who learns God’s Word and ways) and also allows our community to get to know your family in the process. 

Can my child be baptised if I do not believe in Jesus Christ?
The answer is No. A child must have at least one believing parent. In the Bible, belief in Jesus Christ is the path of entrance into God’s family. If you are not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, you might want to think about a blessing instead, or and more importantly, considering placing your faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sin.

Another question has been: Does Downfield Mains dedicate babies to God with a blessing
Yes, if one parent is a Christian and member of Downfield Mains Church. It is at the discretion of the Minister to perform dedications and blessings. At Downfield Mains, we recognise that we have many different people from various Christian traditions. Some people choose to dedicate their children to the Lord as an act of worship and obedience, much like Mary and Joseph did with Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:34-38). Again, we know it is God’s character to bless our children when we dedicate them to him and fulfil the words of scripture, ‘Let the little children come to me.’ (Matthew 19:14).

Can you baptise adults?
Yes. When an adult trusts Jesus Christ as Saviour, they are to follow the command to be baptised (Matthew 28:19-20/Acts 2:36-38). The mode of baptism is negotiable but the command to be baptised is not.

If you are not baptised, please contact the office and set up an appointment to discuss it with the pastor.